Monday, 16 April 2012

Even death cannot restrain her

‘She’s alive!’
       Justine raised her head and rose slowly to her feet. A smile crept across her features and her predatory gaze softened as her eyes fixed on her creator. Her bosom rose and fell tantalisingly with each breath.
       ‘She has no memory of who she was,’ said Pretorius, ‘but she seems eager enough to learn the pleasures of the flesh. You must teach her.’ He took Justine’s hand and presented it to Frankenstein as though joining them in marriage. ‘Your master,’ he said.

London, 1881. The brilliant Dr Frankenstein has a thriving practice in the city, treating ladies for ‘hysteria’ and seducing them along the way. When his pretty chambermaid Justine meets with an unfortunate accident he spies the perfect opportunity to create what he has always dreamt of – a sexually liberated woman.
       When Justine wakes in the laboratory she has no memory of her former life. All she knows is that she has a ravenous sensual appetite and she will let nothing stand in the way of her desires, least of all Frankenstein. Soon Justine finds herself drawn into a world of sensual delights, first with her female friends, and then with a mysterious young man named William, with whom she feels a strange and unearthly bond. An unbreakable connection that her creator will do anything to destroy.


I've always found mad scientists sexy. Especially Victorian ones. Especially wicked Victorian ones with a penchant for using their scientific and medical expertise in kinky ways. The idea of a man who is not only one's master but one's actual creator has always been the ultimate submissive fantasy for me. And I do love writing naughty Victoriana so I'm grateful to Mischief for letting me indulge myself! I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Featuring bondage, blindfolds, corsets and steampunk-y sexual devices...

Coming soon from Mischief Books!

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