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The night was chilly against her bare skin but she would be warm soon enough. She kicked off her shoes and stepped forward, gingerly placing her bare feet on the ground. Mud squished beneath the covering of leaves as she began to dance. There was no music but the sounds of the night – the crunch of dry leaves beneath her feet and the whispering of trees in the breeze. The moon hung low in the sky like a giant eye, watching her.
       She made shapes against the standing stones with her body, undulating her arms, arching her back, moving sinuously through the leaves. As a child she’d had a handful of ballet lessons, but any knowledge she’d gained had long since worn off. She simply followed her body, going where it wanted, moving as it dictated. It was like being guided by an external force, as though she were at the mercy of a powerful but benign puppet master.
       Natalie had always imagined that the sensation of being naked outdoors would be scary. Instead, she found it liberating. Exhilarating. Even though there was no one to see her she felt watched by a thousand eyes. The crisp air against her naked skin, the cool mud between her toes… all of it made her feel primal and wildly sexual.
        She pictured herself led naked into the clearing by sombre robed figures, an iron collar around her neck, iron shackles round her wrists and ankles. Two of the men guided her to the stone altar, where they laid her on her back without a word and secured her chains to rings they had bolted into the stone. The figures formed a circle around her splayed body, the flames from their torches flickering in the dark. 
       Then, one by one, each man took his turn with her. Purifying her, defiling her.

from "Moondance" by Rose de Fer

Available now in Sex and the Stranger: A Collection of Casual Fun

Published by Mischief Books

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