Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sexual Madness

     Anna gasped as Dr Rawlinson’s strong fingers pulled the laces tighter, pressing the steel bones of the corset even harder against her ribs, so tight it felt as though she would be crushed. There was a momentary flash of panic as she realised she could no longer inflate her lungs fully, but that was merely another element of the absolute control he had over her. He controlled her shape, her breathing, her fear. Everything.
     She stood in the centre of the room, naked but for the beautiful corset. Her wrists were bound with soft cords and secured to the iron coat tree just in front of her. To keep her still, he’d said. In this way her body was presented for the demonstration.

from "Sexual Madness" by Rose de Fer

This story, my first publication, can be found in The Big Book of Bizarro.

The Big Book of Bizarro brings together the peculiar prose of an international cast of the most grotesquely-gonzo, genre-grinding modern writers who ever put pen to paper (or mouse to pad), including: NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD horror writers John Russo & George Kosana HUSTLER MAGAZINE erotica contributors Eva Hore, Andrée Lachapelle, & J. Troy Seate and Established Bizarro genre authors D. Harlan Wilson, William Pauley III, Laird Long, Richard Godwin and so many more! From Alien abductions to Zombie sex, The Big Book of Bizarro contains OVER FIFTY STORIES of the most outrélandish transgressive fiction that you’ll ever lay your capricious and curious hands upon! WARNING: This book may be one of the most controversial and dangerous books you’ll ever read.

Unfortunately, the YouTube trailer proved too much for some people. A complaint was lodged and the trailer is no more. I didn't think it was THAT scandalous, but then - I do write erotica.

The book is available from and

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