Sunday, 18 September 2011

Snowlight, Moonlight

     She remembered the wolfsong. The heart-rending music of unnatural hunger and need. It had filled her with yearning even as she lay bleeding in the snow. Now she heard it in her mind and she found herself wishing she could join in.
     The moonlight had reached the bed, where it spilled over her splayed thighs like quicksilver. Her eyes pierced the darkness. Every detail of the room was discernible to her. She could see each tiny imperfection in the carved oak dressing table, hear the brittle leaves shivering in the trees outside. Most acute of all was her sense of smell. She could smell the rosewater in the washing bowl, the melted wax of the candles in a room further down the corridor. And she could smell
him. The hot musky scent of his flesh and his spicy blood beneath.
     Her own blood roared in her ears, echoing the surf from somewhere far away. Now she could see the moon fully through the trees – a beacon that drew strange growls from her throat the more she gazed at it. Her fingers clutched at the air, the nail beds burning and making her cry out in a voice that wasn’t her own, wasn’t even properly a voice.
     “Is the pain unbearable?”
     She was startled to see him beside her and she wondered how long he’d been there, watching. Time had no meaning. There was only the moonlight and the all-consuming hunger.
     She tried to speak, but it was as though her mouth had forgotten how to form words. She shook her head instead and strained towards him, angling her legs as far apart as she could to show him what was
truly unbearable.

from "Snowlight, Moonlight" by Rose de Fer

I hope it's not indecent of me to say that I love this story. It's set in a nameless time and place where a young woman is attacked by wolves in the forest and rescued by a man who takes her home and tames her. And it's very close to my heart; it's a love letter to the man who rescued and tamed me.

My story opens the exquisite anthology Red Velvet & Absinthe: paranormal erotic romance, edited by Mitzi Szereto, and it's a book I'm extremely proud to be in.

The supernatural: Think vampires, werewolves, ghosts... eerie sounds in the night, impassioned whispers teasing at the depths of sleep... Think red velvet, flickering candles, love and lust with otherworldly partners who unleash passion and desire far beyond that inspired by simple mortals. Editor Mitzi Szereto's sensual stories provide thrills and chills of telltale hearts, redolent with romance and danger. Red Velvet & Absinthe will carry you away, conjuring up the romantic spirit of classic Gothic fiction with a generous dose of eroticism.

A lusty lady, ravaged, seeks comfort in the arms of her maidservant in Giselle Renarde's rapacious "Milady's Bath", while bondage and desire enslave a wolf girl to her master in "Snowlight, Moonlight" by Rose de Fer. Janine Ashbless's "Cover Him With Darkness" is an exquisite tale of secret love between an imprisoned fallen angel and the girl he seduces. Editor Mitzi Szereto's vampire romance "The Blood Moon Kiss" is sexy Southern Gothic at its finest.

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  1. Your story is stunning.
    Absolutely stunning.

    As soon as I read the phrase "icy indifferent moon" I knew I was in the presence of something very special.

    Thank you.
    Just that.


  2. What a lovely comment to wake up to! I'm thrilled you were so smitten by my little story. I have so much more I want to write.

  3. A great start to a wonderful anthology. Snowlight, Moonlight set the perfect tone. Looking forward to reading more of you!

  4. Thanks, Kat! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Loved your story, so beautifully different! And thank you for your wonderful comment about mine :) xx

  6. I agree, an excellent addition to "Red Velvet and Absinthe!"