Monday, 5 March 2012

Sorry, Right Number

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‘Very nice,’ he said. ‘Now, since it seems no one has explained the rules to you, I advise you to pay attention. I am your master and that is how I expect to be addressed. With every word and every movement you will demonstrate your submission to me. You not speak unless spoken to, nor will you look me in the eyes. You are a slave and you must learn your place.’
       Juliet’s face burned as he laid it out for her and she felt herself melting into the role, becoming meek and obedient even as he told her she must be. She had often entertained submissive fantasies, but it had never occurred to her that anyone else had similar ideas.
       He seemed to be waiting for something and at last she whispered ‘Yes.’ She hesitated a moment, then swallowed and said it. ‘Master.’ The word felt delicious on her tongue, like a fine wine that took time to reveal the full range of its flavour. 
       ‘Very good. Now go stand in front of the fireplace.’
       She did as she was told, her heels clicking on the marble. Her feet were already throbbing and she tried to hide her immense relief as he told her to remove her shoes. She prised them off and set them neatly to one side, enjoying the chill of the marble beneath her burning soles.
       The man turned away and went to fetch something from the bedside table. She heard the jingle of metal and began to tremble in anticipation of whatever he was going to do to her. 

from "Sorry, Right Number" by Rose de Fer

Available now in Girl For Hire: The Secret Encounters of Amateur Escorts

Published by Mischief Books

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