Monday, 25 June 2012

Lust Ever After

‘And so, gentlemen, although this is a purely scientific demonstration, you can see that the subject is nonetheless displaying clear and unequivocal signs of arousal.’
       The girl, Daisy, was indeed very flushed. She lay naked and splayed on the rugged wooden table in the centre of the room, her skin glowing in the light from the paraffin lamps. Some two dozen young men in frock coats and cravats peered down into the arena of the small operating theatre. Daisy heard the creak of floorboards and the rustle of fabric as they shifted to get a better view. Although she was quite warm, gooseflesh rose on her skin as Dr Frankenstein trailed his fingers over her body, pointing out various features of her anatomy. She was finding it very difficult to remain still, despite his frequent admonishments. 
       ‘This specimen is particularly responsive,’ Frankenstein said, his voice crisp and cultured, his hands adept and precise. ‘Observe how her nipples react to even the slightest stimulation.’
       Daisy felt them respond just as he described, stiffening instantly. His fingertips gently touched the hard little peaks and she gasped, throwing her head back and pressing her thighs together around the hot pulse she felt quickening there. She trembled, fingering the leather restraints on either side of the table.
       As though reading her mind, the doctor said, ‘If you can’t be still, my girl, I will have to use those.’


Yes, my kinky little mad scientist petite novel is out today! The excerpt is from Chapter 1, "The Anatomy Lesson", and it only gets naughtier from there. I don't think I've ever blushed so much in my life as I did while writing this book. It's easy to let all those submissive fantasies roam inside my head, but actually writing them, in essence showing my most intimate self to the world... Well, it's the kind of exposure that's both edgy and exhilarating for me.

You can read the entire first chapter here. And I hope you'll want more. I certainly do...

LUST EVER AFTER - available now from!

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