Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sleepwalker's Secret

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He was so open and trusting, so beautiful. She found herself staring at his deep brown eyes as he tried so hard not to meet hers. Would they widen with horror if he saw her truest self? Would they be tainted by fear at the sight of the untamed white wolf? Or would they shine with the same kindness and understanding she’d seen when he found her in the alley?
       Martin soaked the sponge again and stroked it lightly over her cheeks and forehead, revealing the smooth pale skin beneath the mud. Water trickled into the tub and she heard his breathing over the tiny splashes. His hand trembled ever so slightly as his fingers brushed her face. Mia sighed and arched her back a little more before reaching up to guide his hand lower. She drew him down over her throat, along the ridge of her collarbone and down the line of her breastbone. Then with both hands she squeezed the sponge, sending a torrent of soapy water coursing over her breasts.
       ‘Mmm, very nice,’ she murmured, opening her eyes at last to meet his.
       His eyes were wide with a kind of helpless expression she found utterly charming. His thoughts were transparent.
       ‘You’re not taking advantage of me,’ she said teasingly.
       When he continued to look conflicted she reached over and pressed her hand against the hardness that was straining inside his jeans. His eyes closed and he dropped the sponge into the water. Beneath her fingers she felt him grow even harder and after another second’s hesitation he leaned forwards and mashed his lips to hers.
       Mia returned the kiss, pushing her tongue deep inside his mouth, tangling it with his. She threw her wet arms around him and pressed herself against his chest, soaking him. His arms slid around her wet soapy body and he lifted her to her feet. Water streamed down her legs.

from "Sleepwalker's Secret" by Rose de Fer

Published by Mischief Books

Friday, 20 July 2012

My sexiest clothing

Another naughty question from the Mischief blog: "What is the sexiest piece of clothing you own and why?"

There's nothing in the world sexier than a corset. The feeling of being cinched into perfect posture, the discomfort, the restricted breathing... it's all a kind of domination. Fashion bondage.

There are so many myths surrounding corsetry, some of which still persist to this day. My favourite is that women had their lower ribs removed to accommodate tight-lacing. I have no idea where that little urban horror legend came from but there's no evidence that such a thing ever happened in the name of fashion. It's a good story, though!

Of course the most persistent myth is that men forced women to wear corsets and that, further, they made them tight-lace down to impossibly tiny sizes. In reality husbands and doctors and so-called "dress reformers" pleaded with women to stop being slaves to fashion. The hysteria was all in the men's camp, where they fretted about women destroying their bodies, ruining themselves for motherhood, their only true duty.

The idea of forced tight-lacing came from the erotica of the period - a fascinating example of fantasy trumping fact. (I'm as guilty of it as any of my Victorian predecessors - forced tight-lacing is one of my most pervasive fantasies!) The letters pages of certain mainstream publications were also often infiltrated by fetishists masquerading as girls and claiming to have been ill-treated in fiendish finishing schools by being whipped and forced to wear extremely tight corsets. The idea that all this kinky stuff was paraded in plain sight and accepted as fact is just another delicious example of why I find the Victorian period endlessly fascinating.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Erotica research

It's naughty question time again! Now the "Up To No Good" Mischief blog wants to know: "What's the most interesting research you've done for your erotica?" Mmmm, that's a good one...

I really enjoyed reading about Victorian cures for "hysteria" and some of the kooky (and scary!) gadgets they used to treat it. I love the thought of all those "afflicted" ladies going to doctors for pelvic massage and "hysterical paroxysm" because to give themselves relief would be immoral. It wasn't considered an appropriate job even for a husband to perform. There's just so much kinky potential in the idea of medicalising the female orgasm. I worked some of it into my petite novel Lust Ever After but I expect it's a subject I'll return to again. And again...

I'm not alone in my fascination and I wasn't a bit surprised to find that others had also been seduced by some of the same historical info I had. I found even more references to these bizarre "treatments" in an erotic steampunk anthology I read later and I hope I can find other excuses to write about it.

Monday, 2 July 2012

My First Erotic Reads

It's Naughty Question Time! The makers of Mischief asked several of us who write erotica what our first erotic reads were and how they affected our own writing.

The first erotic writing I encountered were the little hints of BDSM in mainstream romance novels. I never actually read the books but I had a friend who pointed out several juicy scenes for me. There were also scenes in the books of Eric van Lustbader of women being dominated by strong men. Heady stuff to an impressionable subby teen girl! Blush, blush...  don't know whether it really affected my own writing or not, although I'd certainly love to capture the slightly surreal and spooky psychological atmosphere at the end of Story of O.

The other writers had some interesting answers too.