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Sleepwalker's Secret

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He was so open and trusting, so beautiful. She found herself staring at his deep brown eyes as he tried so hard not to meet hers. Would they widen with horror if he saw her truest self? Would they be tainted by fear at the sight of the untamed white wolf? Or would they shine with the same kindness and understanding she’d seen when he found her in the alley?
       Martin soaked the sponge again and stroked it lightly over her cheeks and forehead, revealing the smooth pale skin beneath the mud. Water trickled into the tub and she heard his breathing over the tiny splashes. His hand trembled ever so slightly as his fingers brushed her face. Mia sighed and arched her back a little more before reaching up to guide his hand lower. She drew him down over her throat, along the ridge of her collarbone and down the line of her breastbone. Then with both hands she squeezed the sponge, sending a torrent of soapy water coursing over her breasts.
       ‘Mmm, very nice,’ she murmured, opening her eyes at last to meet his.
       His eyes were wide with a kind of helpless expression she found utterly charming. His thoughts were transparent.
       ‘You’re not taking advantage of me,’ she said teasingly.
       When he continued to look conflicted she reached over and pressed her hand against the hardness that was straining inside his jeans. His eyes closed and he dropped the sponge into the water. Beneath her fingers she felt him grow even harder and after another second’s hesitation he leaned forwards and mashed his lips to hers.
       Mia returned the kiss, pushing her tongue deep inside his mouth, tangling it with his. She threw her wet arms around him and pressed herself against his chest, soaking him. His arms slid around her wet soapy body and he lifted her to her feet. Water streamed down her legs.

from "Sleepwalker's Secret" by Rose de Fer

Published by Mischief Books

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