Friday, 31 August 2012

The Hunt

Her long limbs and body had been painted a warm tawny brown that emphasised her lean, athletic physique. Her hands and feet were painted black to resemble delicate hooves and when she turned away to glance behind her Niall saw the flick of a little white tail above her heart-shaped bottom.
       She picked her way towards the table with all the grace of the creature she was emulating, her deep black eyes scanning the glade for any sign of threat, her costume ears pricked as though she might actually be listening with them. Her body seemed to be vibrating with energy, with a wary anticipation that she might be caught at any moment. Niall remembered what his friends had said the night before about how the fear was so exhilarating. 
       He slowly raised his gun, determined not to let this one get away. But even as he fired, she triggered the wire beneath the table and a net sprang up from behind her. It closed over her like a mouth and she gave a little cry as she found herself caught. She flailed helplessly with her arms and legs but she only succeeded in tangling herself further in the knotted mesh.
       Her left hip and side were coated with bright blue paint and Niall grew even more excited at the thought that she was now marked as his. He approached her with the same caution he would have used with a real animal he’d just captured. He held out his hands in a calming gesture and her eyes went wide as she saw him. A moment later her surprise dissolved into a shy smile and she lowered her head. She ceased her struggles and sank to her knees as he drew near.
       A wave of arousal swept over him at this gesture of submission. He stood over her and began working to free her from the net. She held out each limb obediently so he could untangle it from the mesh and she made no move to escape once he had done so. Instead, she stayed on her knees and merely watched him, a shy smile dancing in her liquid brown eyes.
       ‘Well, my little doe,’ Niall said at last, ‘what am I to do with you?’

from "The Hunt" by Penelope Hildern

Published by Mischief Books

Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Game's Afoot

Photo ©

‘I hope your husband appreciates such lovely feet,' Kumiko said slyly.
       Lauren blushed, uncertain how to respond to the strange compliment. She’d never thought of any feet – especially her own – as lovely. You either pampered them to make them less ugly or you hid them with killer shoes.
       ‘I’m afraid he’s more interested in football than feet.’
       ‘That’s a shame,’ Kumiko continued. She lifted Lauren’s right foot and held it with all the care of a museum curator handling a priceless artefact. ‘Look how high the arch is, how delicately formed the toes are. And this ––’ Kumiko wiggled the longer second toe ‘–– is so refined. It’s what they call the Greek foot. Statues of Aphrodite have toes like yours.’
       Kumiko’s fingers painted oil across the top of Lauren’s instep and down the length of each toe before sliding her thumbs underneath to press the sensitive arch beneath. The feeling was exquisitely sensual and Lauren couldn’t restrain a little moan as Kumiko’s thumbs skillfully erased every bit of tension.
       When Kumiko turned her attentions to the other foot Lauren felt her legs begin to tingle like the aftershock of an orgasm. The pleasure spread along her nerve endings and she gasped as her sex began to pulse in response. It was intoxicating. Every bit of it.
       Seeing the effect her ministrations were having, Kumiko looked up at Lauren with an impish little smile. 
       ‘Wanna play?’

from "The Game's Afoot" by Rose de Fer

Available in Too Fast for Love: Opportunistic Encounters

Published by Mischief Books

Monday, 20 August 2012

A "lovely little smutty gem"

That's how erotica writer Kyoko Church described Lust Ever After in her enthusiastic review

If you're like us and you enjoy a bit of kinky Victoriana with wicked doctors and lustful but submissive maids, look no further. It's a paranormal romance of a different kind, a loving tribute to one of my favourite films and a modern take on a beloved classic. I've always thought the premise was excruciatingly sexy. A man who is both master and creator, lover and exploiter... It's my ultimate fantasy.

You can get a taste of that little smutty gem yourself from

     ‘She has no memory of who she was,’ said Pretorius, ‘but she seems eager enough to learn the pleasures of the flesh. You must teach her.’ He took Justine’s hand and presented it to Frankenstein as though joining them in marriage. ‘Your master,’ he said.
     She looked from one man to the other, her mouth twitching in a strange half-smile. There was a touch of madness in it that Frankenstein found disquieting, but he couldn’t deny the way his own body was responding to the sight of hers.
     ‘Master,’ she said. She slipped her hand free of his and pressed her cool palm against the bulge in his trousers.

from Lust Ever After by Rose de Fer

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Naughty advice from Mischief authors

Today we're up to no good with some advice on writing erotica

Janine Ashbless says it best:

"Fifty Shades of Grey is a fluke, driven by media hype. You are not going to make a zillion dollars. Do this because this is what you want to write, and for no other reason."

Come by and see what the rest of us had to say!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Review: Nymphomania by Kyoko Church

Wealthy businessman and owner of Draper Estates, Ewan Draper needs a wife to give him the respectability demanded by polite Boston society. He’s drawn to the newest of his mill girls, the wild and passionate Lilliane, and arranges a hasty marriage. But when Lilly’s enjoyment of sex is diagnosed as nymphomania, an affliction that, it is claimed, will send her mad if left untreated, Ewan’s good friend, Dr Phillip Samms, devises a radical cure. A cure that only leaves Lilly wanting more …

Kyoko Church has been writing erotica for quite a while and I've enjoyed the stories of hers I've read in various Mischief anthologies. So I was delighted to see she'd published her first book, the first in a trilogy. We both share a fascination with Victorian misconceptions of female sexuality and the archaic 'cures' devised by medical men of the period. A little time spent reading the clinical descriptions of sex on Wikipedia, particularly the article on female hysteria, inspired Ms Church to write it all into a story and this trilogy is the result.

There's something extra kinky about a purely clinical approach to erotic situations - or at least the appearance of a purely clinical approach. The poor 'afflicted' Lilly is at the mercy of Dr Samms, whose offer to treat her nymphomania may not be as selfless as it seems. Her husband Ewan insists on participating, both because he finds it unseemly that any wife of his should misuse her sewing machine in such a scandalous fashion (more delicious historical authenticity!) and because he finds her treatments rather arousing himself.

I really enjoyed the way Lilly's 'treatment sessions' are described. Dr Samms uses the same dispassionate language any nineteenth century doctor would as he coolly discusses how "normal women do not desire or even need physical gratification the way a man does", all the while stroking her to show how 'unnatural' her responses are to such stimulation. Oh, did I mention that her husband is holding her wrists above her head whilst this is going on? Dr Samms goes on to explain that 'hysterical paroxysm' (ie, orgasm) is only a temporary cure and that the lady patient needs frequent - er, applications to keep the nymphomania under control. "Paroxysm," he says, "must be reached only by medical massage. And it is to be brought about slowly, extremely slowly, so as not to excessively excite the patient."

That Ms Church chooses to show much of the action from a point of view other than Lilly's is in keeping with the tone of Victorian detachment. The clinical descriptions of extremely arousing activity take on an added dimension of kinky appeal when seen through so dispassionate a lens. I'd like to have seen more passages from Lilly's perspective, to get inside her head more as all these things were done to her body 'for her own good'.

On the geeky tech side, can I also say what a pleasure it is to read a book that's clearly been proofread? I'm a voracious reader (of more than erotica) and it frankly shocks and dismays me at the number of typos one finds in mainstream fiction - in books that clearly have larger production teams than this? So full marks to Church for both her meticulous historical research and for the obvious care she took with this book. Here's to the rest of the trilogy!

Nymphomania is published by Xcite Books and is available from Amazon.

More information on Kyoko Church and her writing can be found on her website.

Friday, 10 August 2012

The sexiest cities

 On the Mischief blog we were asked for our sexiest cities and whether we'd set any erotica there. I don't know why I failed to answer this one. I guess I just wasn't paying attention in class that day...

I couldn't choose just one. There are too many sexy, exciting places out there and too many ways to have fun in different locations. But so much of Old Europe pushes my buttons. It's dark, gothic and mysterious, full of little winding cobbled roads that lead you deep into even stranger places. There are so many erotic associations with the past.

Angela Caperton mentions some specific time periods - 1920s Paris and 1930s Berlin, both of which are gloriously decadent and evocative. Several writers mentioned London and I'll go along with that, but only in Victoria's day. (OK, maybe Edward's too.) Crumbling ruins, castles, standing stones and abbeys are more to my taste when it comes to Britain-based erotica.

At the time we were asked I also hadn't really written any city-specific erotica. But I did recently set one in Paris and it was fun weaving the city into the narrative. I'll definitely have to do more of that. And that means field research - the very best kind! I'd love to see Budapest, Vienna, Florence, Moscow, Tokyo, Rio... So much romance, so much sex, so much potential. Watch this space!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Why I love writing about BDSM

Naughty question time!
"What is your favourite aspect of BDSM to write about and why?"

Oh, where do I start? I could have written a book in response to this one but here's what I said:

photo by kind permission
Bondage and general dominance/submission dynamics. I love to describe the heady and secure feeling of surrender. I'm not really into pain. For me it's more about the psychological angle. I love the theatre of BDSM and roleplay. Petplay is a favourite. The idea of trusting someone enough to be that open and vulnerable is just irresistible.

I'll go a step further and add that it's also the thrill of danger that isn't really danger. It's the psychoerotic equivalent of jumping off a cliff and knowing you'll be caught. But not until you've flown.

You can read the other responses on the Mischief blog.