Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Erotica research

It's naughty question time again! Now the "Up To No Good" Mischief blog wants to know: "What's the most interesting research you've done for your erotica?" Mmmm, that's a good one...

I really enjoyed reading about Victorian cures for "hysteria" and some of the kooky (and scary!) gadgets they used to treat it. I love the thought of all those "afflicted" ladies going to doctors for pelvic massage and "hysterical paroxysm" because to give themselves relief would be immoral. It wasn't considered an appropriate job even for a husband to perform. There's just so much kinky potential in the idea of medicalising the female orgasm. I worked some of it into my petite novel Lust Ever After but I expect it's a subject I'll return to again. And again...

I'm not alone in my fascination and I wasn't a bit surprised to find that others had also been seduced by some of the same historical info I had. I found even more references to these bizarre "treatments" in an erotic steampunk anthology I read later and I hope I can find other excuses to write about it.

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