Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Game's Afoot

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‘I hope your husband appreciates such lovely feet,' Kumiko said slyly.
       Lauren blushed, uncertain how to respond to the strange compliment. She’d never thought of any feet – especially her own – as lovely. You either pampered them to make them less ugly or you hid them with killer shoes.
       ‘I’m afraid he’s more interested in football than feet.’
       ‘That’s a shame,’ Kumiko continued. She lifted Lauren’s right foot and held it with all the care of a museum curator handling a priceless artefact. ‘Look how high the arch is, how delicately formed the toes are. And this ––’ Kumiko wiggled the longer second toe ‘–– is so refined. It’s what they call the Greek foot. Statues of Aphrodite have toes like yours.’
       Kumiko’s fingers painted oil across the top of Lauren’s instep and down the length of each toe before sliding her thumbs underneath to press the sensitive arch beneath. The feeling was exquisitely sensual and Lauren couldn’t restrain a little moan as Kumiko’s thumbs skillfully erased every bit of tension.
       When Kumiko turned her attentions to the other foot Lauren felt her legs begin to tingle like the aftershock of an orgasm. The pleasure spread along her nerve endings and she gasped as her sex began to pulse in response. It was intoxicating. Every bit of it.
       Seeing the effect her ministrations were having, Kumiko looked up at Lauren with an impish little smile. 
       ‘Wanna play?’

from "The Game's Afoot" by Rose de Fer

Available in Too Fast for Love: Opportunistic Encounters

Published by Mischief Books

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