Friday, 31 August 2012

The Hunt

Her long limbs and body had been painted a warm tawny brown that emphasised her lean, athletic physique. Her hands and feet were painted black to resemble delicate hooves and when she turned away to glance behind her Niall saw the flick of a little white tail above her heart-shaped bottom.
       She picked her way towards the table with all the grace of the creature she was emulating, her deep black eyes scanning the glade for any sign of threat, her costume ears pricked as though she might actually be listening with them. Her body seemed to be vibrating with energy, with a wary anticipation that she might be caught at any moment. Niall remembered what his friends had said the night before about how the fear was so exhilarating. 
       He slowly raised his gun, determined not to let this one get away. But even as he fired, she triggered the wire beneath the table and a net sprang up from behind her. It closed over her like a mouth and she gave a little cry as she found herself caught. She flailed helplessly with her arms and legs but she only succeeded in tangling herself further in the knotted mesh.
       Her left hip and side were coated with bright blue paint and Niall grew even more excited at the thought that she was now marked as his. He approached her with the same caution he would have used with a real animal he’d just captured. He held out his hands in a calming gesture and her eyes went wide as she saw him. A moment later her surprise dissolved into a shy smile and she lowered her head. She ceased her struggles and sank to her knees as he drew near.
       A wave of arousal swept over him at this gesture of submission. He stood over her and began working to free her from the net. She held out each limb obediently so he could untangle it from the mesh and she made no move to escape once he had done so. Instead, she stayed on her knees and merely watched him, a shy smile dancing in her liquid brown eyes.
       ‘Well, my little doe,’ Niall said at last, ‘what am I to do with you?’

from "The Hunt" by Penelope Hildern

Published by Mischief Books

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