Friday, 10 August 2012

The sexiest cities

 On the Mischief blog we were asked for our sexiest cities and whether we'd set any erotica there. I don't know why I failed to answer this one. I guess I just wasn't paying attention in class that day...

I couldn't choose just one. There are too many sexy, exciting places out there and too many ways to have fun in different locations. But so much of Old Europe pushes my buttons. It's dark, gothic and mysterious, full of little winding cobbled roads that lead you deep into even stranger places. There are so many erotic associations with the past.

Angela Caperton mentions some specific time periods - 1920s Paris and 1930s Berlin, both of which are gloriously decadent and evocative. Several writers mentioned London and I'll go along with that, but only in Victoria's day. (OK, maybe Edward's too.) Crumbling ruins, castles, standing stones and abbeys are more to my taste when it comes to Britain-based erotica.

At the time we were asked I also hadn't really written any city-specific erotica. But I did recently set one in Paris and it was fun weaving the city into the narrative. I'll definitely have to do more of that. And that means field research - the very best kind! I'd love to see Budapest, Vienna, Florence, Moscow, Tokyo, Rio... So much romance, so much sex, so much potential. Watch this space!

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