Tuesday, 18 September 2012

So what's your favourite?

"What inspired your favorite story you've written for Mischief and why is it your favorite?" -- asks the Mischief blog. I talked about Lust Ever After, my naughty Bride of Frankenstein petite novel.

But you can't really compare short stories and longer works. Forced to choose a favourite story, I'd have to say "Best in Show" from Submission. It was the first proper petplay story I ever wrote. I'd never read any before and I'd only explored writing aspects of it in other stories. So I dived right in and wrote the fantasy that had been kicking around in my head for a while.

photo by kind permission

Phoebe bounds over to her master and adopts a puppy play-bow, arms flat on the ground, back arched, bottom high in the air. Then she barks and leaps up, playfully grabbing the lead in her teeth and scampering back to the fireplace with it. There isn’t a trace of self-consciousness in her. She fully inhabits her role with gleeful abandon.
       The watchers seemed charmed by her antics, chuckling good-naturedly as her master feigns exasperation and goes to fetch her. She drops the lead when he tells her to and blinks up at him, wide-eyed and adoring, as he fastens it to her collar and walks her over to the handler and passes him the lead.
       “She’s all yours, Mr Veith.”
       The handler gives Phoebe an affectionate pat on the head and the show begins. He takes her through a series of basic obedience commands – sit, stay, fetch – and then leads her around the ring. She is very nimble on all fours, much more so than I am, and she tosses her head as she prances past the men I take to be the judges. Her enthusiasm is infectious and I find myself looking forward to my turn in the ring, my turn to show how good I can be, how obedient and responsive.

from "Best in Show" by Rose de Fer

I loved the idea of being put through the routines and rigours of a traditional obedience trial, along with the intimate physical inspection of a conformation show. I'd seen dog shows before and, because I have an irrepressibly kinky, subby mind, I couldn't help wondering how it would feel to be displayed like that, made to perform in a ring and be exhibited before a group of discerning judges. It's such a hot fantasy for me and I'll definitely be writing more!

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