Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My favourite erotic films

Naughty question time! This time the Mischief blog wants to know our favourite erotic films (or scenes).

I said:

Oh, it's very difficult to choose just one favourite! But there's a scene in Waxwork (a not-terribly-good horror film) where a girl gets sucked into the Marquis de Sade exhibit in the evil wax museum. She finds herself a victim of the real Marquis. Two pretty maidens string her up between a pair of columns and unfasten the back of her dress. Then de Sade whips her as entertainment for a visiting English prince. When her dorky boyfriend arrives to rescue her, she throws herself at de Sade's feet and begs him not to let her boyfriend take her away.

Another of my favourites is from David Cronenberg's Dead Ringers, where Genevieve Bujold's character is tied to the end of her gynaecologist's bed with rubber tubes and clamps. It's a short but potent visual image, and one of the most erotic I've ever seen. I saw it at a very impressionable age and it featured in all my fantasies for years afterwards.
I have to say I do still fantasise about those rubber tubes...

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