Saturday, 29 December 2012

Sugar Lumps

photo by kind permission
I can’t be sure but it looks a little like a bridle. One made to fit a person. Not knowing what to say or how to respond for fear of being wrong or making a fool of myself, I simply stare at the device in silence. Seconds pass with painful awkwardness while I try to think of something to say. Anything. John eventually takes my silence for consent and moves to put it on me.
       Instinctively I flinch away but he grips he firmly by the arm and eases the bridle against my face. To my surprise, I don’t cry out or even speak; I simply acquiesce, trusting him completely. My surrender floods me with hot desire again and I find myself vibrating with excitement. I want to play. I want to resist and be taken. I want to be enslaved; I want to be free.
       I shake my head a little, offering a token show of resistance which he easily overcomes. The leather straps are cool against my cheeks and I feel a powerful throb of heat between my legs as he fastens the buckle behind my head. I tremble.
       ‘There’s a good girl,’ he says soothingly, stroking my cheek as he would a horse’s.
       His tone calms me at once and I am immediately reassured. A little voice at the back of my mind tells me I am completely safe, that it’s OK to let go, that there’s nothing to feel self-conscious about.
       You’re standing at the door to a fantasy, I tell myself. All you have to do is walk through it.
       I do.

from "Sugar Lumps" by Rose de Fer

Available in Come Play With Me

Published by Mischief Books

Monday, 3 December 2012

What I learned from erotica

It's Naughty Question Time again! Today Mischief wants to know:

photo by kind permission
"What have you learned about yourself or the world around you from writing erotica?"

I suppose writing down your fantasies for others to read inevitably helps you zero in on just what turns you on. I find myself returning to certain scenarios and writing variations on favourite themes. For instance, petplay is very erotic for me but I'd never read any petplay stories before I began writing my own. My first was "Best in Show" from the Submission anthology. The next was "Sugar Lumps" from the forthcoming Come Play With Me anthology. I know there are whole pet and ponyplay societies out there but for me the fantasy is very personal and private. It involves complete trust and casting off of inhibitions and yet it has such a playful element to it. Once I started really exploring aspects of it in writing I saw what a perfect venue it is for really deep submission.

Another peculiar fascination of mine is koonago ("tiny woman"). I suspect this one buried itself in my sexual subconscious at a very early age but it wasn't until I wrote a few of my fantasies down that I realised just how deeply ingrained it was. I kinked up the homunculus scene from Bride of Frankenstein and turned the tiny ballerina in a jar into a tiny nymphomaniac in my petite novel Lust Ever After. It's another heady fantasy for me of ultimate vulnerability and one I wasn't really in touch with until I started writing about it. Now I can't help wondering what other fantasies are lurking beneath the surface, just waiting to be unleashed when I write about them!