Monday, 21 January 2013


photo © Rose de Fer
It was a long steep climb up a narrow stone spiral staircase. As they climbed, Jake slipped his hand up under her dress, stroking her bottom and sending jolts of pleasure through her every time his fingers grazed her sex.
       Along the way she thought of the hunchback capturing the beautiful gypsy Esmeralda and spiriting her away to the top of the bell tower. What wicked, delicious things he might have done to her in unprintable versions of the story.
       At last they reached the Galerie des Chimère. As promised, the view was spectacular. A cage of wire mesh encircled the open gallery, as though to protect them from the fantastical creatures perched on the other side. One winged goblin looked bored, sitting with his elbows on the ledge, his head in his hands and his tongue sticking out. Others sat alert and eager, as though ready to leap from the tower.
       Kelly squealed with delight when she finally found the one from her postcard. He had a single horn and long bony arms with claws. His back was hunched as he stared down at the tourists below and she imagined his little fanged mouth was drooling with hunger. Or lust.
       Weren’t the creatures meant to represent sins? In that case this little guy was definitely the personification of hers. And no sooner had the thought crossed her mind then she felt Jake’s hand slide up under her skirt again, this time with more intent. A quick glance around reassured her that they were alone. The previous group had moved on and they had the narrow walkway to themselves. At least for the moment. She took hold of the mesh and bent forwards, arching her back.
       ‘Good girl,’ he said.
       He lifted her skirt up to her waist and she trembled as he slid his fingers into the elastic of her knickers. They slipped easily down her legs and she closed her eyes, relishing the sensation of being bare in such a prominent and public place. There could be CCTV cameras watching them right now for all she knew.
       Jake wedged his knee between her legs, forcing her to spread them. She obeyed instantly, holding her breath as she waited for the touch she’d been begging for all morning. But he was in no hurry.
       He slowly drew his fingers up her legs, making her shudder. Gooseflesh stood out across every inch of exposed flesh and she felt her sex moisten even more as he came nearer to the place that was desperate for his touch. 

from "Sanctuary!" by Rose de Fer

Available in Brief Encounters: Tales of Fast Love

Published by Mischief Books

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