Thursday, 21 February 2013

Ring My Bell

photo by kind permission
‘We’re alone. I’ve locked us in.’
His words chill me as much as they reassure me. I am completely at his mercy and we’ll be undisturbed for however long he intends to play with me.
He takes hold of another rope and loops this one around my thigh, pulling it taut. The layered coils he winds around my leg create a wide band of support and I relax and watch him work. At one point he brushes the gusset of my knickers with the rope and I moan softly.
       When both legs are bound he takes hold of the ends of the ropes and begins to pull. And I give a startled little cry when I feel my feet lift off the stone floor. I gasp and kick my legs in surprise, losing a shoe in the process.
‘Be sill,’ he says chidingly.
I do as he says. He raises my legs just off the floor until I’m sitting in a sort of sling. The position draws my legs apart and if I try to push them together the bells chime softly above me.
Brian smiles at me and crosses to the table, where he picks up two coils of thinner rope. He unwinds them and moves around behind me. I feel him take hold of my foot. The rope rasps against my ankle and I tremble as I stare around me at the church. I can’t help imagining rows of stern-faced parishioners sitting in the pews, turning round to look at me. I might be some innocent peasant girl on trial for witchcraft, at the mercy of the villainous witchfinder who must restrain me to do his duty.
My sex throbs wildly as Brian knots the rope around my ankle and draws it back behind me, securing it to the rope around my thigh. Finally, with both my ankles secured, I realise I can’t close my legs at all.
I hang before him as though I’m kneeling in midair, my legs splayed, my crotch at the level of his chest. And all the while, the bells produce their muffled peal above us with every tiny movement I make. I wonder if anyone can hear it outside the church?

from "Ring my Bell" by Rose de Fer

Available in Forever Bound: Stories of Seduction and Submission

Published by Mischief Books

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