Monday, 1 July 2013

The Fruits of the Forest

photo by kind permission
Kirsty pinned me down in the grass, forcing her tongue inside my mouth. I resisted only a moment more before giving in. She tasted like apples, rich and heady and sweet. Intoxicating.
       The warm weight of her breasts against mine felt wonderful and I moaned as the kiss went on and on. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I’d never even imagined such a thing with her. With any girl, for that matter. My feelings for Kirsty had been alien and unfamiliar to me and something I felt I absolutely must keep hidden. I hadn’t even entertained the thought of what might happen if she found out about my silly little girl-crush. It had certainly never occurred to me that she might feel the same towards me.
       When she finally pulled away she closed her teeth gently on my lower lip. I had kept my eyes closed the entire time, lost in the moment. Now I was too embarrassed to open them. Afraid to look her in the eye, afraid to acknowledge that I had enjoyed the kiss, afraid to confront the possibility that she might be disappointed.
       ‘You taste like forbidden fruit,’ she said, and I could hear the cheeky grin in her voice. Her accent made everything sound irresistibly rude.
       ‘So do you,’ I managed in a hoarse whisper.
       My lips were tingling. I could still taste her. And I wanted to taste her again – everywhere. A hot blush burned my cheeks as I turned my head to press my lips into her palm. I kissed her fingers and tasted apples again.
       She placed her other hand on my chest and I arched my back, wanting her to go further. I licked the tips of her fingers and then I took them into my mouth one by one, sucking off all the juice. I rolled my hips in response to my mounting excitement and the sound of my skirt rustling against the grass made me think of something waking up. Something wild that had been unleashed and now couldn’t be stopped.

from "The Fruits of the Forest" by Rose de Fer

Available in Ladies Who Love: an Erotica Collection

from Mischief Books

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