Saturday, 31 August 2013

Creature Feature

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In Betty's fantasy she was a feisty lady reporter hot on the trail of the missing scientist and determined to solve the mystery. Her search led her deep into the swamp, where one careless misstep sent her tumbling into the water of the infamous Black Lake. Where the Creature was watching, waiting. He rose up before her, water streaming over his sleek torso as he gathered her in his arms and dived with her through the inky depths. Betty held her breath until they reached the entrance to the cave and emerged into the air once more. The Creature carried her to the nest he’d made for her and sat her down, watching her intently.

She didn’t resist as he stripped her naked, slitting open her wet blouse and skirt with sharp claws. She trembled as he loomed over her, examining his property, exploring every inch of her soft human skin with his webbed fingers. He gently coaxed her legs apart and stroked her sex with that intoxicating mix of curiosity, tenderness and desire, his eyes keenly observing her responses. For although the disaster in his laboratory had transformed him physically, he was still a scientist beneath the scaly skin. And now she could be his experiment.

She peered into his eyes, seduced by their piercing gaze. Tentatively she reached up to stroke his sinewy chest. The cave glowed with phosphorous and she trailed her fingers over the sleek, gleaming muscles of his abdomen and down to his thighs, down to where his hard cock waited to fill her.

from "Creature Feature" by Rose de Fer

Available in Dressed to Impress: an Erotica Collection

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