Saturday, 3 May 2014

Out of the Waves

With barely a thought for what she was doing, she swam at once for the boat. She dived beneath it and waited. The dolphins followed her, nudging her and thumping her with their tails, nipping at her fins and urging her to escape. She smiled and stroked them, reassuring them that she knew what she was doing. Confused, they darted around the boat before finally leaving her to her peculiar decision.

The net plunged into the water, dragging behind as the boat began to move again. Naiae steeled herself and swam straight towards it. She thrust her arms through the holes and struggled to entangle herself further. The mesh pressed against her bare breasts, a tactile sensation both unfamiliar and thrilling. She knew from watching the man that her movements would alert him. Then he would haul the net up.

Sure enough, it began to close around her and she felt herself being pulled towards the surface. Her fear was almost as intense as her anticipation. How would he react when he saw what he had caught?

Naiae kept her eyes closed, listening to the gentle slosh of waves against the boat. She could hear the sound of the man’s breathing as he reeled the net in. Then his breathing stopped.

When she opened her eyes he was staring down at her, a look of incredulity on his face. He’d been expecting a dolphin and now he was faced with something entirely other.

“My god,” he whispered.

Naiae wriggled a little in the net, gazing up at him. Her hands were sufficiently tangled that she couldn’t smooth away the wet hair from her face and even this small helplessness made her shudder with excitement. There was no chance of escape now. She was his, to do with whatever he wanted.

from "Out of the Waves" by Rose de Fer

Available in A Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales for Women

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