Friday, 4 July 2014

Room With a View

Tonight it’s a new game. 
She stands before him in a pleated tartan miniskirt, a generous expanse of thigh on show between her black stockings and the hem of the skirt. Her tight white blouse is knotted together beneath her breasts, flaunting even more skin. He crosses his arms with frowning disapproval and shakes his head. I can guess what’s coming next.
He seats himself on the side of the bed, facing the window. The authority in his expression makes me squirm. It makes her squirm too as she moves to his side and places herself across his lap. He strokes her back, running his hand down the curve of her spine, making her shudder. Then he lifts her skirt. Her girlish white knickers are a contrast to the rest of her sexy outfit but he doesn’t let her keep them. He peels them down over her cheeks, baring the peach of her bottom. She’s trembling. So am I.
When he starts to spank her I slip my hand down inside my own knickers, not at all surprised by the wetness I find there. She kicks her long legs and struggles as his hand comes down again and again on her bare bottom. It’s all I can do to hold the binoculars steady.

from "Room With a View" by Rose de Fer

Available in The Big Book of Submission

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