Thursday, 11 February 2016

Best Lesbian Erotica blog tour and book giveaway!

Come explore what editor Sacchi Green calls "the fiercer shores of sex" in Best Lesbian Erotica of the YearIt's the 20th anniversary edition and I feel very privileged that "Dust" is the lead story in the book.

It was inspired by, of all things, the cover art of Scarlet's Walk by Tori Amos. In a stained and gritty Polaroid, a woman stands alone on a dusty road in the middle of nowhere, gazing wistfully off into the distance. I just found the image so intriguing. Tori's expression looks both melancholy and hopeful and yet there's a sense of adventure about her too, as though she could go anywhere from here.

So I put the melancholy, hopeful girl in a flashy yellow Mustang and conjured the person I imagined her most wanting to meet on her long journey.

BOOK GIVEAWAY: Throughout February, we’re presenting a blog tour featuring the writers in this year’s volume of Best Lesbian Erotica. A comment on any of the posts constitutes an entry in the drawing for a free copy of the book. So go forth, read and comment! Editor Sacchi Green will randomly pick a winner by 28 February and announce the winner by 5 March.

The Library Journal gave the book a starred review and said of my story:

Rose de Fer’s “Dust” packs poetic grit and sensuality into lonely Alice’s otherworldly encounter with a beautiful hitchhiking stranger.

You can read an excerpt from it in my previous blog entry.

Your journey starts here...

10 Feb
Sacchi Green - Introduction

11 Fab
Rose de Fer - “Dust”

12 Feb
Louise Blaydon - “Ascension”

13 Feb
Megan McFerren - “The Royalty Underground”

14 Feb
Harper Bliss - “Reunion Tour”

15 Feb
D L King - “Hot Blood”

16 Feb
Jean Roberta - “Tears from Heaven”

17 Feb
Sinclair Sexsmith - “Luscious and Wild”

18 Feb
R G Emanuelle - “Smorgasbord”

19 Feb
Rose  P Lethe - “A Professional”

20 Feb
Anna Watson - “Easy”

21 Feb
Valerie Alexander - “Grind House”

22 Feb
Annabeth Leong - “Give and Take”

23 Feb
Frankie Grayson - “Mirror Mirror”

24 Feb
Cheyenne Blue - “The Road to Hell”

25 Feb
Emily L Byrne - “The Further Adventures of Miss Scarlet”

26 Feb
Sossity Chiricuzio - “Make them Shine” 

27 Feb
Teresa Noelle Roberts - “Tomato Bondage”

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