Friday, 6 May 2016

Girl of a Thousand Positions

Two flappers laden with shopping bags and hatboxes were giggling outside a shop window displaying Roaring 20s fashions. Suddenly, an old car screeched to a silent halt on the street behind them. The girls threw up their hands in fright, dropping their parcels as two pin-striped figures emerged from the car, holding tommy guns. They were both women. An intertitle popped up.
The flappers obeyed and there was a lovely closeup of them huddling together on the back seat before a dissolve relocated the action to a swanky hotel room. The kidnap victims were gagged and tied to chairs while the molls stripped out of what were presumably their gangster boyfriends’ pinstriped suits. Underneath, each wore a silk chemise and what looked like a cross between a girdle and a garter belt. The camera panned up their black-stockinged legs and over their bodies while they contrived sexy poses, chatting to each other and taunting their captives.
The girls struggled against the ropes, pleading with their eyes. But the molls showed no pity. The taller one, a leggy brunette, crossed to a cupboard and took out what looked like a riding crop. She smiled cruelly as she slapped it against her palm.
Then the camera iris closed itself, trapping the girls inside a diminishing circle until the screen was black.

from "Girl of a Thousand Positions" by Rose de Fer

Available in The Pact

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