Monday, 2 May 2016

In the Wild

by kind permission
Nancy saw the lens retract as he zoomed out, widening the frame. Then he stopped. He raised his head for a moment, then lowered it back to the camera. And angled it right towards her.
A little rush of delight ran down her spine and she hurriedly hid behind her own camera, watching him watching her. At first all she could see was the convex curve of his lens and a distorted reflection of colours. His right index finger gently pressed the shutter button and she swallowed hard, feeling exposed, captured. Behind the camera he was smiling. Clearly, he liked what he was seeing every bit as much as she did.
She wasn’t sure what she was going to do until she did it. She set the camera down and made a big show of stretching, as though waking up from a nap. Kneeling in the grass, she began slowing unbuttoning her shirt. As she did, she fancied she could hear the rapid click of her watcher’s camera as he snapped away. She stilled the tremor in her fingers as she fumbled with the buttons, finally exposing the tight khaki tank top she wore beneath in lieu of a bra. Although the air was warm, her nipples stiffened, standing out like pebbles through the thin fabric. She blushed a little and smiled to herself as she picked up her camera again and focused it on the man.
He hesitated only a moment before lowering his camera. His eyes shone with mischief and his sensual mouth curled in a smile to match hers. God, he was gorgeous! He copied her movements, unfastening his shirt, one slow button at a time, teasing her. Only he was bare-chested beneath his. Her breath caught at the sight of his lean, sculpted torso and she almost forgot to take pictures.
Her heart began to race as he raised the camera again. No signal was needed, no gesture. It was her turn now.

from "In the Wild" by Rose de Fer

Available in Sex & the Stranger 2

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