Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The Cosplay's the Thing

by kind permission
Jen looked more like a terrified rabbit than a queenly elf, but that was fine. Abbie was happy to guide her. As long as Will played fair. The three-way vibes between them were intense, but it didn’t have to be a competition. They weren’t fighting over Jen, after all, just sharing her.
‘You’re a very bad girl, you know,’ Will said, removing his hat and setting it on the desk beside his umbrella.
Abbie quirked an eyebrow at him. ‘Bad girls have all the fun.’
‘Hmmm,’ he said, looking pointedly at Jen. ‘We shall see.’
The girl blushed in response to the insinuation. Good girl, bad girl.
Abbie took over and led Jen to the bed. She could feel the girl trembling beneath her hands and she stroked her hair like a pet to calm her. Jen stood obediently still as Abbie slipped the circlet off. It had left indentations in her forehead and Abbie pressed her lips against the marks. Jen shuddered beneath her kiss before reaching out tentatively to touch Abbie’s face. Abbie caught her hand and brought the girl’s fingers to her mouth, licking and sucking them in turn.
Will had removed his jacket, but instead of taking off his shirt he was rolling up his sleeves. She frowned in puzzlement.
‘You are a very bad girl, aren’t you,’ he said more than asked.
Abbie couldn’t help but respond to the sexy authority in his voice. She gave him a sex kitten pout as she chewed a finger and traced a circle on the carpet with one high-heeled foot. ‘What are you going to do about it?’ she teased.
Jen’s face went scarlet as she realised what was about to happen.
Will turned Abbie around and slipped the katana off her shoulder. He pulled it from the sheath and inspected it. He flexed the plastic sword between his hands, testing its strength and clearly finding it sturdy enough for his purpose.

from "The Cosplay's the Thing" by Rose de Fer

Available in Come Play With Me Again

Thursday, 21 July 2016


I clasp my hands behind my back, grateful for the submissive posture. I couldn’t bear having to keep them at my sides and inside I plead not to have to.
Now there is the creak of a chair and a hint of movement in the shadows. The room grows a little brighter and I can make out the silhouette of a man as he stands and moves towards me. He is tall and intimidating, his voice deep and resonant.
I lower my head, keeping my eyes down as I’ve been taught. I have no control over what will happen next.
‘It’s time,’ he says.
His voice makes me weak. I feel lightheaded, as though I might faint.
‘Put your hands on your head.’
It’s a simple command, one I can easily obey. Gratitude washes over me as I lace my fingers on top of my hair. The position forces me to raise my head and I see him for the first time. His eyes are dark and brooding, his expression inscrutable. I can’t bear the eye contact, so I drop my gaze. Before I can focus on the floor, I see what he is holding. It’s a small whip. A dozen red and black tails hang from a braided handle.
He notices me noticing and brings the whip up to my eye level. Then he slaps it against his palm. The sound makes me jump, and I sense that my nervousness gives him pleasure.
‘Do you know why you’re here?’ he asks, his voice low and silky, full of authority.
I open my mouth to speak, but at first nothing comes out but a little squeak. I clear my throat and try again. ‘Yes, sir.’
His expectant silence prompts me for more.
‘My master sent me to you.’ I can barely bring myself to speak the words, but I manage to force them out. ‘To test me.’
‘You know of my reputation, then.’
Oh yes. Who doesn’t? I am overwhelmed by the reality that I am here. Actually here. With him. My head is spinning with the impossibility.
‘Hmm? I didn't hear you.’
‘Yes, sir,’ I say, my own voice barely a whisper. ‘I do.’
He nods, seeming pleased – both by my answer and my obvious fear. He looks like a judge about to don a black cap and sentence me to the gallows.
‘Very well, then,’ he says. ‘Stand still and straight. Arch your back.’
I had been expecting him to tell me to turn around. Instead, he stays in front of me and merely takes a step back. I feel my entire body begin to tremble as I realise what he intends. I lock my knees and inhale deeply.

from "Tested" by Rose de Fer

Available in Submitting