Thursday, 30 November 2017

Silent Passion

Terry looked down into the stalls. It was a slow day. A very slow day. But at least her one reliable customer had come. Her favorite customer. Terry had never screwed up the courage to approach her, only gazed from afar like some pining lover in a silent melodrama.
The girl was around Terry’s age, and she clearly had a fascination for the period. Her black hair was cut in a flapper’s chic bob and her slim, boyish figure would have looked perfect in a fringed dress. Or better still – in nothing at all. She could be the reincarnation of Louise Brooks, and Terry had secretly named her “Lulu”.
She’d first seen Lulu at a screening of Brooks’ most famous film, Pandora’s Box. That day the girl had been wearing red. Red dress, red cloche hat, red lipstick and a string of pearls. Terry could hardly believe her eyes. She was like a vision straight from her wildest dreams. And she’d taken center stage in Terry’s fantasies ever since.
That night Terry had imagined her wearing nothing but the cloche hat and pearls. Lulu had teased and danced and flirted before finally splaying herself on the bed, open and offering.
Terry’s fingers tingled as she lost herself in the fantasy once more, imagining how it would feel to stroke the girl’s velvety skin, to kiss her rosebud lips, to press her breasts against Lulu’s. The warm softness of their bodies was intoxicating, belying the fierce urgency of Terry’s movements as she ground her hips against her lover’s.
Terry slipped the rope of pearls over Lulu’s slender neck and teased her naked body with them, drawing them along her spread limbs, over her taut belly, and finally, down between her legs.

from "Silent Passion" by Rose de Fer

Available in Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year volume 2

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