Lust Ever After
(petite novel)

London, 1881. The brilliant Dr Frankenstein has a thriving practice in the city, treating ladies for ‘hysteria’ and seducing them along the way. When his pretty chambermaid Justine meets with an unfortunate accident he spies the perfect opportunity to create what he has always dreamt of – a sexually liberated woman. When Justine wakes in the laboratory she has no memory of her former life. All she knows is that she has a ravenous sensual appetite and she will let nothing stand in the way of her desires, least of all Frankenstein. Soon Justine finds herself drawn into a world of sensual delights, first with her female friends, and then with a mysterious young man named William, with whom she feels a strange and unearthly bond. An unbreakable connection that her creator will do anything to destroy.

"Silent Passion" from Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year vol 2

Terry loves silent movies. And one day her favourite customer introduces her to a new kind of passion.

"Twenty-Nine" from The Big Book of Submission vol 2

Lara's boyfriend finds a creative way for her to count the strokes.

"Girl Number Twenty" from The Sexy Librarian's Dirty 30 vol 2

Lauren gets a very special acting lesson behind the scenes of a production of Dickens' Hard Times,

"The Cosplay's the Thing" from Come Play With Me Again

Jen learns how much more fun costumes can be when she meets Abbie and Will at a convention.

"House of Lewd Shadows" from Hard Bargains

Jess finds new inspiration in a spooky old house when she makes a bet to write a thriller in only two days.

"Tested" from Submitting

A slave is sent by her master to a stranger to be tested.

"Girl of a Thousand Positions" from The Pact

Lili Wessex was a silent film star like no other. And when her granddaughter sees the legacy she has been left, her life will never be the same.

"In the Wild" from Sex & the Stranger 2

Nancy learns the joys of exhibitionism on a wildlife photo shoot.

"Dust" from Best Lesbian Erotica

Alice finds a strange and beautiful companion on a desert highway.
"Moonfall" from Darker Edge of Desire

A Victorian gothic story of a young woman sent to a madhouse by her conniving husband and the cruel asylum director. But the doctor's brother is her lover, a kind man who knows the truth of her "madness".

"Room With a View" from The Big Book of Submission

What are you supposed to do when your sexy new neighbours have no curtains? Some of us reach for our binoculars...

"The Instructor" from Hungry for More

A young woman learns her first lesson in submission from a skilled master.

"Snowlight, Moonlight" from Red Velvet & Absinthe

Set in a nameless time and place, a young woman is attacked by wolves in the forest and rescued by a man who takes her home and tames her.

"Out of the Waves" from A Princess Bound

Naiae experiences all the pleasure and pain of being human when she trades her tail for legs. A kinky BDSM retelling of "The Little Mermaid".
"The Locked Room" from The Mammoth Book of Erotic Romance & Domination

Julie's lover has a surprise for her - one that will transform her and change her life forever. But first she must surrender.
"Nyotaimori" from Best Women's Erotica 2014

Oniyuri has been trained to lie perfectly still, to present the array of delicacies on her naked body for discerning diners. But sometimes the exquisite sensations can get the best of her.

Saskia is determined to be the best and most obedient pet when her master puts her on show.
"Creature Feature" from Dressed to Impress: an Erotica Collection

Betty has such a crush on her favourite film star that when she visits him on the set of his latest movie she is happy for him to leave his "suit" on when their meeting becomes intimate.

"Holding Still" from Instructed To Play

Alina must learn discipline if she is to be the perfect statue for her new master.
"The Alchemist's Apprentice" from Paranormal Erotica

Auren is apprenticed to the imposing Valtiori and her education into the occult has begun to weave a spellbinding passion.

"Hitting the Right Notes" from Lords, Ladies, Butlers & Maids: Period Erotica in Private Houses

During piano lessons the stern Mr Blackshaw helps Lily hit all the right notes with a special brand of personal instruction.
"A Touch of Class, a Bit of Rough" from Do Not Disturb

The employees of a luxurious hotel get up to some very rude games when the guests are out.

"The Fruits of the Forest" from Ladies Who Love

Emma gets a taste of forbidden fruit when Kirsty, her first girl-crush, lures her into the forest.

"The Portcullis" from Thrill Seekers

In the dead of night, Amy meets Charles in a ruined castle, and now she never wants her captivity to end.
"Ring My Bell" from Forever Bound

Be careful what you wish for. Especially if you have a kinky imagination and a head full of bondage fantasies...
"Sugar Lumps" from Come Play With Me

What girl doesn't love horses? But what would it be like to BE one? To be bridled and harnessed and put through your paces in a show ring?

"Lust from the Mummy's Tomb" from Holiday Affairs

On a trip to Egypt, Peter teaches Val the ancient art of erotic sensory deprivation.

"Sanctuary!" from Brief Encounters: Tales of Fast Love

Kelly embarks on a whirlwind romance in Paris, but the most intense passion was always waiting for her in her hotel room.

"Sleepwalker's Secret" from Underworlds: Tales of Paranormal Lust

Martin finds a naked girl in an alleyway. Her claim of sleepwalking hides an even deeper secret.

also "The Hunt" (as Penelope Hildern)

Niall catches some unexpected prey on a country hunt.

"Moondance" from Sex & the Stranger: a Collection of Casual Fun

When Natalie dances naked by the light of the moon, she has no idea she is not alone.

"Journey's End" from Take Me: a Collection of Submissive Adventures

On a routine train journey to London, Alice meets a charismatic stranger who changes her life in strange and dangerous ways.

When Juliet receives a salacious text message in error, requesting the services of an escort, she is too intrigued to resist temptation.

"The Game's Afoot" from Too Fast for Love: Opportunist Encounters

Lauren learns just how erotic a pedicure can be - especially when performed by a sexy girl with a special fascination for beautiful feet.

"Sexual Madness" from The Big Book of Bizarro

A Victorian doctor demonstrates the erotic effects of a tightly laced corset on his submissive chambermaid.

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